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Here is a few testimonials or feedback from previous clients from both private and NHS work carried out. For obvious reasons these have been anonymised. most of them are from thank you cards or end of treatment feedback sheets. (Note images not patients  obviously all anonymised and with kind permission) 
Testimonial 1:  from a recently finished client aged 70 with chronic health and related mood issues (shortened)
"I was sceptical about  treatment initially when this was suggested by a physician. However, I found Karina very easy to talk to and she has helped me  so much to feel better and look after myself more. I have learned to be less perfectionistic in thinking and to start looking after my own needs more, which was important to get better and reduce my stress. (...)" What treatment techniques have helped  you the most? : "I found the mindfulness techniques useful to deal better with stress and fatigue, thought records and setting goals and activities, and gradually pacing myself also seemed  useful, rather than before throwing myself into more  things too quickly. I will keep on using therapy books  provided and relaxation CDs." Re  treatment space:  "Although Moniaive was fairly far away from where I life, I enjoyed the drive up to the therapy space in Moniaive (...) and found this a more private relaxed space and enjoyed my welcome cup of tea upon arrival ( in comparison with Dumfries space)".  ( This client rates herself as 9/10  very improved in mood and therapy as 10/10 very helpful)   
Testimonial 2 :  from most recent finishe female client with stress and anxiety related to work:
" The sessions have helped me to let go of a bag of emotions I was carrying around which were a burden to me and hindering me from returning to work. I am now very calm and relaxed in the workplace, which is  a massive improvement. If a matter needs addressed I raise it with management in writing and I also take small breaks when required.  (  I had 6 sessions of mindfulness based therapy) re TREATMENT SPACE ( seen in Moniaive): I found the treatment rooms in Moniaive to be a very calm and peaceful space to have therapy. Lovely setting and I also enjoyed the drive across the countryside there.  "  (rated treatment as 10 very helpful and self as 10= very much improved).
Testimonial 3:  from recently finished cleint , aged 28 female  (difficulties: social phobia low esteem, deep routed childhood trauma):
"I'm so thankful for the very helpful treatment I received. Before therapy I was extremely negative with myself, highly self-critical . I constantly worried about others not liking me and getting rejected, leading me to avoid many  activities or ending up in tears going over what I had done wrong thereafter. I am now  much more confident in myself and have useful techniques that help me  be more kind with myself when the old self-doubt comes up, which it now rarely does. Karina has really helped me  working through my past issues understanding what I have been through is not my fault. seeing the unhelpful patterns I used to get into and teaching me many useful coping strategies. I can now mostly enjoy life , am in my first long term relationship,  that feels really positive and stable and have also started a sucessful new career. I am very proud of how far I have come.  I attended both  initially face to face and later online therapy and found  both equally beneficial."
Testimonial 4: most recently seen male client who attended 3 sessions of Mindfulness & Act based approach: 
" I found it helpful and definately have improved. The coping mechanisms learned  have helped me a great deal. It is easier for me now to move on from "static" negative thoughts and have a more positive outlook in life..."
In general based on feedback questionnaires: 60% of clients seen found sessions helpful 30% very helpful.  55% rated mood as definately improved, 30% as very much improved,  15% as somewhat improved (often after shorter input).


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