Dr. Karina Woldt, Clinical Psychologist
in Dumfries
I am a compassionate and enthusiastic Psychologist with over 10 year experience of working within the NHS providing psychotherapy for people with various mood issues including  depression, anxiety disorders such as Panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive disorders, agoraphobia, relationship issues, trauma and chronic health problems and other issues. More recently I worked with people with chronic health issues and mood problems and prior to that also within addiction difficulties
People with different difficulties often benefit from various therapy approaches depending what fits them and their difficulty. Thus I use a variety of approaches depending on your needs and what you would like to focus on in treatment. Please find under Psychology Therpies page a short explanation on various approaches  I use in my practice, but just ask me if you need any further information.
I am registered with HCPC under : PYL 22887 and fulfill requirements for chartership as a Clinical Psychologist under the British Psychological Society.  For anything you are unhappy about the HCPC  can be contacted for complaints. Clinical Psychologist require a much longer training than counsellors, requiring an graduate Psychology degree, previous work experience to than finishing a three year doctorate course, which gives you a good grounding in working with a variety of client groups and therapy skills. We also probably have more overview regarding research of what treatment approach fits what problem.
I myself have been through tough times in my life and know how this can affect my mood negatively. So I had to readdress my life balance and learn new ways of coping, which i think has helped me in being really empathic with the struggles people that visit me go through. I practice mindfulness meditation regularly as a way of keeping myself in balance and  staying focussed and relaxed.
Notice my main private hours available are on Thursdays and Fridays. Evening sessions can be arranged if spaces are available.


Previous Training and experience of Psychologist Dr Karina Woldt in Dumfries
 As mentioned before Clinical Psychologist need to go through extensive and rigorous training in order to achieve the title of doctorate of Clinical Psychology. This includes  a general 3-5 year Psychology degree,  which I completed in 1999 in Germany . Thereafter I worked   1 year as a clinical assistant Psychologist in Cambridge. Thereafter I continued  my training and finished my doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Glasgow in 2004.
I am now  over 10 years qualified as a Clinical Psychologist ,  currently working on amore senior level and supervising other Psychologists in their training.   I  have in depth experience with a variety of adults emotional  difficulties such as those mentioned above. I am enthusistic about updating my therapy techniques with ongoing trainings. The main therapy approaches I am trained in are:
-CBT, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
- mindfullness based Cogtnive Therapy
- MIndfulness based stress reduction
-Compassionate Mind Therapy
 and ACT or Accpetance and Commitment Therapy
 we also all get a grounding in general counselling techniques as part of our training
If you want to find out moe about these treatment techniques and what difficulties they tend to work best with please see psychological Therapy Techniques page link above.