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Usefull self help websites for further reading material 

The following websites can be helpful for some people with various moodissues . They wont be stand-allone treatments but can be a good starting point, give you more insights, or offer some specific  coping strategies for certain difficulties such as depression, anxiety, worries, sleep difficulties etc . Most of them are based on a variety of  treatment models. Also see underneath soem of Pdf files whcih you may find helpful but may make more sense within therapy.  


infomation on various moodissues and different psychological therapies and

self-help material on depression, anxiety, OCD,sleep difficulties, Worriers etc. ) 

Does provide self help resources and material mainly

Cognitive behavioural base therapy sheets,

MP3 relaxation dowloads, some mindfulness basic information.

This is a very compact website thus a bit hard to manouver through, if you are not clear which

materials you are looking for. Useful website for therapists for therapy material.




Is a usefull website providing helpful simple information

about various psychological difficulties and problems such as

depression, mental health conditions ( e.g. bipolar disorder) and

anxiety in terms of signs and symptoms and helpful therapies

according to research. It also sign posts to other self help

support groups in the community such as samaritans etc.


Is a useful contact for thus who want to urgently speak to someone 

for emotional support when in distress or feeling suicidal ,

they do have a manned self help line number 24 hours  and

are trained to speak to you in a supportive manner.

tel number is : 08457909090




self helpwebsite with information on depression and useful therapy tips and self help information





- : various alternative  & holistic therapies including local counsellors

  advertise on this website in Dumfries and Galloway  includes information about various therapies.




  information on self help anf treatment

  methods for depression


- self help and support phone number for those in distress, feeling low

  suicidal or extremely panicky open most of the night. Selp help phone number for confidential support is:







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